Benny The Butcher Quotes on Money

Benny The Butcher has amassed a large fan base over the years, and with that come some of his most popular quotes. Here are 15 of his most memorable lines:

#1 “Money is an addiction, like coke or weed, I just need more every week.” — Money (feat. Pusha T)

#2 “Whenever it’s time to get paid, I’mma leave my foes in stress.” — 18 Wheeler Freestyle

#3 “Bought my bitch a whip and she tried to race me home from the lot / Christian and Smith and Wesson, .380 go with the top.” — Burden of Proof

#4 “If I can’t rap, I’m still just gonna shoot for the stars.” — Crowns for Kings (feat. Conway The Machine & Westside Gunn)

#5 “I live by the code, get money and don’t fold.” — DR BIRDS

#6 “My pockets too fat, I’m bout to pull a hamstring.” — E Man

#7 “I got my own lane, they can’t steer me wrong.” — Fragments of a Mansion

#8 “I pray that my enemies never settle for less.” — Incarcerated

#9 “I stay with the heat, I keep it near me like a seat belt.” — Sunday School

#10 “I don’t do no talking, I just handle biz.” — Where Would I Go (feat. Freddie Gibbs)

#11 “My last prayers said, ‘God, take my soul, don’t let me slip.’” — Feathered Indians

#12 “It’s about to get ugly, the bangers coming, I’m ready for war.” — War Paint (feat. Styles P)

#13 “I’m ambitious and patient, I am not scared of the haters.” — Concrete

#14 “They want me to fail, that’s why I keep it real.” — Till I See You Again

#15 “Since they want to shine, I’m copping them gold caskets.” — Benny The Butcher’s Best Bars of 2021

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