Quotes by Ekta Kapoor

Ekta Kapor has made a name for herself as a producer for TV and films through her production house Balaji, and with that come some of his most popular quotes. Here are 10 of his most memorable lines:

#1 I don’t know if somehow success has made me conservative. With every passing year and with every success, I get more aware of the responsibility on my shoulders

#2 Balaji has always had great market presence, be it in film or television – everyone was talking about the titles, about what happened on the sets, even the most

#3 There is a certain kind of satisfaction in creating something out of nothing, telling stories that can make people laugh, cry, think, and get inspired

#4 It’s all about believing in yourself, having faith in your abilities and your vision and working hard to achieve it

#5 To be honest, I’m not a huge believer in awards. It’s nice to be recognised for your work, but it’s not the ultimate goal

#6 People should have the power to decide what they want to watch, and if you give them quality content, they will

#7 If you believe in yourself and your dreams, then there is no stopping you from achieving greatness

#8 I have always believed that good stories have the power to bring about change

#9 I don’t think anyone can control the future, but we can certainly create it

#10 The biggest challenge is to constantly keep innovating and evolving to stay ahead of the game

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