Key Glock Quotes on Life

Key Glock is an American rapper and songwriter who is known for his catchphrases and clever lyricism. He has become one of the most popular rappers in the modern era, with fans all over the world. He has released several albums, including Glockomentary, Yellow Tape, and Son Of A Gun. Here are some of the most popular quotes by Key Glock that can be used as Instagram captions:

#1 I got money in the bank, so I’m riding like a tank

#2 If you ain’t talkin’ money, don’t waste my time

#3 My flow is so icy, it’ll give you a chill

#4 I’ma keep it 100, no matter what they say

#5 Glock on my hip, I’m living life on the edge

#6 I’m too hot to stop, everybody know I’m the man

#7 I’ma keep grinding ’till I get to the top

#8 Life is a game, so I’ma play to win

#9 My lyrics full of fire, no smoke and mirrors

#10 They want to hate me, but I won’t let ’em

#11 Living life like every day is a blessing

#12 Glock in my hand, I’m ready for whatever

#13 I’m livin’ life on the fast lane, and I ain’t stoppin’ for nobody

#14 I’ma stay hustlin’, never stop ’till I’m done

#15 My bars are fire and my swag is contagious

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