Joel McHale Quotes on Acting & Life

Joel McHale is one of the successful American actors, standup comedians, and television hosts who is known for his witty and thought-provoking quotes. He has been featured in popular shows like Community and The Soup, as well as movies like The Informant! and Stargirl. His quotes are often insightful, humorous, and inspiring. Here are some of his most popular quotes:

  1. Life is fragile and beautiful and unexpected, so it’s wise to laugh often and much.

  2. Dreams are like small sailboats that take us where we want to go.

  3. Talent isn’t enough. You have to have the courage to act upon your talent.

  4. Beauty is found in the everyday ordinary.

  5. In this world, you’re either making money or you’re making excuses.

  6. If you can laugh at yourself, then you’ll never lack for entertainment.

  7. God gave us children to show us how life should be lived.

  8. Belief is what surfaces when our minds are ready to accept something new.

  9. Comedy is tragedy plus time.

  10. Art is the communication of emotion between two people.

These inspirational and thought-provoking quotes by Joel McHale remind us to live life to the fullest and find beauty in the ordinary.

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